Vololights: Enhanced Motorcycle Visibility

By Del Amo Motorsports
Vololights alerts drivers behind you to your rate of deceleration whether you are engine braking, downshifting or using brake levers.


Have you ever wished you could let drivers behind you know you are slowing down by engine braking or downshifting?  What if you could indicate not only that you are slowing but how fast?

With Vololights, now you can!

Vololights is a powered license plate frame with it’s own set of bright LED’s.  Using embedded intelligence, it measures the deceleration of your motorcycle regardless of how you are slowing down.  Deceleration is also perceptible to the driver behind you.


You might have seen other products on the market that flash the rider’s brake lights to draw the eye’s attention.  Two major deficiencies of these systems are as follows:

1) Current systems are tied to the foot and handbrake signal only.  They do not account for slowing from engine braking and downshifting.  Even though you may be decelerating, drivers behind you might not realize this until it’s too late.  Vololights overcomes this by physically measuring any type of deceleration.

2) Today’s brake lights are not perceptible.  What that means is a driver behind you might see your brakes solid or flashing but they cannot tell whether you are ‘tapping’ on the brakes or slamming on the brakes.  Vololights solves this problem by varying it’s rate of flashing with the urgency with which you are slowing.


Vololights’ patented technology combines a 3 axis accelerometer and microprocessor to measure your deceleration from any means;  whether engine braking, downshifting or gripping the brakes.


Vololights is designed for simple installation with no special crimping tools required.  The license plate frame runs on your motorcycle’s 12 VDC power taken from the rear license plate illumination bulb.  Not to worry, Vololights has it’s own onboard license plate illumination LED so you will still be street legal.

Use the included 4 screws to secure your license plate between the front and rear frame.  Then take the 2 bolts that secured your license plate to your bike and use these two secure the frame assembly to the motorcycle.  Use the included quick connector to secure the two wire power and turn the motorcycle’s power on.  Finally, calibrate Vololights one time by placing our magnet (included) in front of the lens momentarily while the motorcycle is upright on a flat surface.  Vololights will flash letting you know the device is calibrated.  Now you’re ready to ride!



We planned for the fact most states have slightly different motorcycle license plate sizes.  While we have accounted for 47 of the 50 states, residents of Alaska, New Mexico, and Minnesota should check the “Fit” dimensions here.



Your license plate might fit as-is or with modifications.  Check the dimensions below for more information.  If plate modifications are required, please be sure to comply with local laws and regulations.

Here is the promotional video for Vololights shot at Del Amo Motorsports of Redondo Beach:



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